“Outstanding presentation. Entertaining, engaging and very interactive. Every child felt good about themselves and their creations.” – Blaxland Public School (15.8.13)

“Absolutely Awesome!! My class was awestruck! Thank you” – Glenbrook PS (13.8.13)

“Fabulous!! Fast moving, funny, engaging! Excellent technique demos!! Students of all abilities fully engaged & loving it!”Macarthur Anglican School 12.8.13

“We invite Cartoon Dave back to Gosford HS each year. He is an engaging, enthusiastic and dynamic performer that the students always thoroughly enjoy.” – Gosford High School (25.6.13)

“5 simple shapes was a clever way of engaging all the kids. Loved ‘No Rules'” – Glenbrook PS (13.8.13)

“Dave succeeded in showing the students that the ability to sketch any cartoon drawing is accessible to everyone.” – Macarthur Anglican School (12.8.13)

“Children were involved, motivated and stimulated, and enjoyed it thoroughly. An excellent presentation.” – Mary Immaculate Primary School (14.8.13)

“Lots of laughing and kids trying new things. ‘No-Rules’ is great for our kids with not much confidence.” – Blaxland Public School (15.8.13)

“Wonderfully entertaining and child-centred.” – Blaxland Public School (15.8.13)




“I love your NO RULES approach – it’s a good lesson for teachers as well as kids”

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