Cartoon Dave’s real name is Kevin Monkeypants.

He was born eleven years ago in an abandoned caravan a few kilometers to the left of Antarctica.

He has a sister called Blister-face, owns fourteen dolphins and was once the president of the “‘Justin Bieber for Miss America” club.

Dave is a professional giraffe wrestler, can bend spoons with his mind and loves to eat jelly babies.

Even the white ones.


Oh, and the photos below… you should print them out and wallpaper your room with them.

(PS. there may be some actual slightly more true info about Dave if you scroll down….)

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Dave Hackett publicity shot 1

Good grief – how old was I here?? What was this was… 2003? 

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Dave ‘Cartoon Dave’ Hackett has taught cartooning to over 250,000 children in schools, libraries, literature festivals and in newspapers and magazines on four continents.

Spanning three decades, Dave has been teaching viewers to draw on a bunch of Australian TV shows, including 9 years on Toasted TV, 6 years at CheeZ TV, 14 seasons of It’s Academic, 3 years and three segments on D_____ Channel (you know that channel with the mouse on it? It starts with a D and rhymes with ‘Frisney’. Ok, moving on…),

Over the last 20 years, Dave has written somewhere in the neighbourhood of 22 books. He is the author of 11 how-to cartooning books, 5 picture books (including the ‘Time for Bed, Daddy’ series) and six novels for children the hilarious series ‘UFO – Unavoidable Family Outing’ and his Young Adult romance/comedy novel, The Summer of Kicks.

Dave is currently illustrating the Jackie French series ‘Fair Dinkum Histories – All the Stinky Bits’, with Gold Rush (2020) and Convicts (2021) grossing out kids all over Australia. His upcoming projects include a big, fat illustrated book on Democratising Corporations (2021 Release), a book on Australian Music, and a super-fun graphic novel for kids.

Dave currently lives in the south of France with his wife, where they mostly write books and laugh about things. He owns two cats (Minus and Blobs), was once a TV game-show champion, and has no idea why he ever grew a beard.

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