Below you’ll find a bunch of books Dave has written and illustrated – loads of books. Cartooning books, novels, picture books… It’s surprising he has time to shower.

Someday soon there’ll be wonderous descriptions of each, but for now, if you click on a book, you’ll get a lovely BIG version of the cover. Neat-o!!

Cartoon Dave's MAD Cartooning BOOK COVER  CARTOON YOUR BIG, SLIMY BRAINS OUT cover book cover Aug 04book cover Aug 04 FAB FACE FREAKOUT cover NO RULES CARTOONING cover  hands-on-cartooning cover image     BUM BOOK FINAL yellow TO CORRECT SIZE 2 smaller book cover Aug 04  book cover Aug 04Norman Enormous (2) yellow  Hamilton72.dpi.frontcov   brainspin cover   Sumo granny smackdown DAVE HACKETT cover  ufo FINAL COVER ART copy  UFO in the USA FNL (1)  UFO Afloat fINAL front cover only copy



Dave is also the illustrator for Jackie French’s Fair Dinkum Histories: All the Stinky Bits (GOLD RUSH – 2020), (CONVICTS – 2021),

Dave has also submitted a groovy short story and cartoons for these awesome books!

KNI3_cover   when we were young cover dmetri kakmi

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