Catch Cartoon Dave on TOASTED TV every WEDNESDAY morning at 7am on Channel Eleven Toasted TV logo toasted 3 toasted 1

Dave also drew Caricatures of famous people each week for  Channel 7’s ‘It’s Academic’ for 14 seasons (fourteen!!!).

Look – there’s Simon Reeve… “Hi Simon”. Hmm. He’s not answering me. He’s not even waving. Nice one.

its-academic-host- Simon Reeve its ac 4 its ac 3 cartoon-dave-on-other-tv-shows 03 cartoon Dave at whiteboard ABC nick at desk dave cheez tv 1999 Cartoon Dave hangin' with Bert Newton on Good Morning Australia 1998 Here's Aussie TV legend BERT NEWTON holding up my lovely drawing of his head, GOOD MORNING AUSTRALIA 1998

Yup… Cartoon Dave has made his way onto zillions of other TV shows, including Totally Wild, Juiced TV, Disney Channel’s Studio D, Saturday Disney, ABC’s Creature Features, Good Morning Australia, The Big Arvo, CheeZ tv… and a bunch more

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